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The Wavera®  Technology



Essential yet invisible, pumps are everywhere


Pumps consume 10% of worldwide electricity production — as much as the digital industry with its data centres and terminals combined — and represent up to 80% of the energy costs of processes in industries such as water treatment and food and beverage production. Furthermore, 10% of the world’s pumps are renewed every year.


The Wavera® undulating membrane can be adapted to all types of pumps in response to the market needs: costs, consumption, size and durability. 

The Wavera® technology consists in using a linear motor to move a flexible membrane whose undulating movement, like the one of a fish’s fin, propels the fluid from the membrane’s excited side (upstream) to its free side (downstream).


Up to 30% power saving

Lighter and smaller

Optimal on several operating points


Continuous flow (or possibility of pulsation)

Very rapid response time (12 milliseconds)

40 times less fluid shearing

High hydraulic/mechanical efficiency (80%)

Robust (no breakable parts: shaft, bearings, valve...)

Lower maintenance and power consumption costs

Patented technology

Unique in today's market


Car industry

Car industry

80 Million of cars (2015)



Basic Chemistry

Basic Chemistry

USD 3,8 Billion / year (2015)

Residential buildings

Residential buildings

USD 3,6 Billion / year

Dying out of buildings

Dying out of buildings

USD 2 Billion / year (2015)

Food & beverages

Food & beverages

USD 2,9 Billion / year (2015)

Water treatment

Water treatment

USD 5,4 Billion / year (2015)

Electrical appliances

Electrical appliances

50 Million pumps / year (2015)



80 000 fills / day



USD 2,4 Billion / year (2015)



USD 6,2 Billion / year (2015)

General industry

General industry

USD 2,9 Billion / year (2015)

About Us 


AMS R&D was created by Erik Guillemin (Founding President) in order to develop the possibilities of the Wavera® undulating membrane fluid propulsion technology invented by Jean-Baptiste Drevet (engineer from the Arts et Métiers), for which AMS R&D owns all patents and technological expertise.


Each Wavera® pump comprises three innovative parts :

  • the membrane, the heart of the Wavera® technology, which propels the fluid;

  • the linear motor, whose up-and-down motion gives the membrane its undulation;

  • the electronics, which control the linear motor and thereby, the pump.


The application fields targeted in the short term by AMS R&D cover the medium and low pressures, where are present different technologies, such as centrifugal, conventional membrane or peristaltic pumps. These pumps are used in all industrial sectors, and represent a global park of several billion units, of which hundreds of millions are renewed annually.

AMS R&D is licensing its Wavera® technology to pump manufacturers to expand this energy efficient system as widely as possible.


AMS R&D is currently partnering with leading leaders in :





CorWave : MedTech Start-up


develops cardiovascular pumps based on Wavera® technology in the area of ​​"Medical Cardiovascular".

This breakthrough technology propels all fluids (including blood) thanks to its undulating membrane.

CorWave's Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) uses this Wavera® technology with a disk membrane, replacing the high shear rate turbine of current centrifugal pumps.


The Wavera® membrane is much less traumatic to the blood, reducing the complications of coagulation and bleeding. The high frequency operation of the CorWave pump ensures pulsatile flow that mimics the action of the native heart.


The currentand existing LVAD devices provide only a continuous flow without significant pulses, due to the high inertia of their rotors. The Wavera® membrane also has low power consumption and its small size will facilitate total implantation by integrating a wireless energy transfer system.

In October 2016, CorWave SA finalized a € 15.5m fund raising to finance the development of the new generation of LVAD "Neptune" pumps and the "Nemo" minimal invasive implantable heart pump.

AMS R & D SAS is one of the historic shareholders of this promising MedTech start-up.

CorWave has a second ongoing development for percutaneous ventricular assist devices (PVAD) based on a tubular version of the Wavera® membrane. CorWave brings a breakthrough technology to these two rapidly growing markets, estimated at a potential global value of several billion euros.

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